Diabetes Management

We understand that being diagnosed with diabetes can often be very upsetting and confusing. There is no doubt that living with diabetes will change your life in many ways. Diabetes is a complex and serious condition, however it can be managed and the risk of complications reduced.

At Alexander Heights Family Practice we provide a comprehensive approach to managing your diabetes through regular visits to your doctor, education and management through Diabetes Care Plans and providing you with referrals to allied health professionals.

Our practice has a keen interest is obtaining the best outcomes for our patients. We have been able to achieve this with our Diabetes Management Program and Team approach, giving Alexander Height Family Practice some of the best results in Australia.

By being systematic and proactive in managing care and using a team approach, we have made managing your diabetes simple and easy. We follow the recommendations as outlined by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

All it takes on your part is a little forward planning, as well as quarterly review with the doctor and the nurse. Every little step of improvement will reduce the complications of the disease. Diabetes managed well may put many years onto your life and prevent complications of diabetes, improving your quality of life.